Tankless Water Heaters

I cannot say enough about tankless water heaters.  Anyone that has a tankless water system installed by Affordable in the last 9 years can tell you that they actually do what they are supposed to when installed professionally.

  • They save on space
  • They only run when you ask for hot water which means savings. The Hot water tanks heat your water to 140 degrees all day and night
  • Peace of mind when you travel because the unit it off
  • Easy to set and adjust temperature
  • Can be mounted just about anywhere such as closet, in cabinets and deep in crawl spaces.

Rinnai Tankless water heaters offer different model units pending your needs.

  • Flow rate of water – A 2 bath home vs a 4 bath home
  • Venting sidewall
  • Venting up through roof
  • Some models have recirculation lines
  • You can twin units together
  • Tankless with storage tank for that ultimate 8 spray shower

Keep in mind we have 100% satisfaction rate with our Rinnai customers.

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