Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Like our furnaces, we have categorized our AC units into Good, Better and Best to help make it easier for our clientele to understand. As you can see, each AC unit has different dimensions. Believe it or not, the units shown in this video are all the same size BTU of units. We start at our 13-Seer, we move to our 16-Seer and the largest is the 18-Seer. The easiest way to understand the difference between our units is the larger the unit, the more efficient it is. The 18-Seer unit is what you are most likely to start seeing in the average home today. As you go up, you also get quieter operation and better warranties. The 13-Seer has a 10-Year Parts and 2-Year Labour Warranty. The 16-Seer has a 10-Year Parts, 10-Year Labour Warranty, and the 18-Seer has a 10-Year Parts, 10-Year Labour and Lifetime Compressor Warranty. The larger the unit, the longer the life expectancy of the unit and you are also going to save on your hydro bills.


With energy costs rising, we want to help you make the best decision and get you the most energy efficient you can for your home.

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