Heating and Cooling Rebates in Ontario

Take Advantage of Heating and Cooling Rebates in Ontario


When your air conditioner or furnace needs replacement, the first thing on your mind is cost. While you know you can save on annual heating and cooling costs by upgrading to an energy-efficient model, those long-term savings do not help with the upfront investment.


Luckily, Ontario residents have heating and cooling rebates available to them to soften the initial fee. Not all models qualify for discounts, however, so it is essential you understand what qualifies, and how to unlock those rebates for your next furnace or air conditioner upgrade.

What Rebate Options are Available?


Most government rebate programs for 2019 have ended, but that does not mean you are without options. In fact, local utility providers, along with manufacturers, have incentives to reduce your installation costs. When you combine the upfront savings with your long-term savings, purchasing a high-efficiency model makes sense.


Here are a few rebate options that you might qualify for:


  • Home Efficiency Rebate from Enbridge and Union Gas: You may qualify for the Home Efficiency Rebate, which was initially called the Home Energy Conservation and the Home Reno Rebate. The rebate program offers up to $5,000 cash back when you make two or more energy efficient upgrades to your home. Some qualifying installations include installing a high-efficiency furnace or boiler with a 95% AFUE or higher rating, upgrading your basement’s insulation, improving wall or attic insulation, air sealing, upgrading windows, or installing a new water heater that is Energy Star approved.
  • Manufacturer Rebates: Do not forget about manufacturer rebate options. The team at Affordable Heating & Cooling, Inc. can help you unlock those manufacturer savings. We look for all coupon and sales opportunities when we provide you with a quote for a new installation.

Upgrade Your Home’s Comfort System with Affordable Heating & Cooling, Inc.


At Affordable Heating & Cooling, Inc., we want everyone in your house to be comfortable without breaking the bank. Regardless of your upgrade budget, our team will help you find the most affordable way to enjoy cooler air in the summer and comfortable temperatures in the winter. Using a combination of manufacturer rebates, government programs, and incentives, our team helps you upgrade your heating and cooling system without spending more than necessary.


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